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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

Watch Me Learn

“The teacher kept the children’s interest throughout”


“It was really enjoyable to watch how the lessons are taught and how the teachers interact with the pupils”


“I couldn’t believe how much they got through in the time”

On the week commencing December 6th we invited our Y7 parents in to school to take part in our termly ‘Watch Me Learn’ session.


For the hour,  parents were able to experience a French or Spanish lesson at the same time as their child, giving them a great insight into what an outstanding learning experience looks like here at The King’s.


Many thanks to all those parents who attended, also thank you for all the extremely positive comments that were made, here are just a few below:


”It was very enjoyable. Extremely fast paced but the children kept up and enjoyed it”


“It was nice to see the children enjoy learning with fun”


“The teacher was fantastic with the children and really helped them to understand and great at explaining the lesson”


"The teacher was amazing with the children"


"The behaviour in the class was outstanding"


"The lesson was full of fun and the children really enjoyed what they were learning"


"The teachers kept the students on task through the fast pace"

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