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Nightingale Academy

The King's Church of England School

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Support & Guidance


At The Kings' School, we recognise that children require a comprehensive support framework within which they can pursue their studies with confidence and assurance. Our Academic Progress Unit works closely with tutors, teaching staff and academic managers to identify and assist with academic and behavioural concerns. We have a substantial Learning Support Department with a number of dedicated teaching assistants providing additional support for those children with learning difficulties, including a member of staff qualified to work with our Dyslexic students. In addition, we have a good working relationship with a number of External Agencies which can provide specialised, expert advice.


We believe that we have an excellent Care, Guidance and Support framework, and Ofsted clearly agrees. Its most recent report on the school states:


“The studentsʼ care, guidance and support are outstanding. Safeguarding procedures are robust and any students at risk are quickly identified and supported. Students say that bullying is very rare and are confident about whom to contact if it does occur. Students are very loyal and recognise that the school provides them with a calm and secure haven. Very good links with the primary schools and induction procedures ensure that students in Year 7 settle in quickly. The school successfully identifies the needs of a wide range of students and meets them effectively through, for example, setting by ability and by specialist support. The well-organised tracking system enables rapid identification of students who are at risk of underachievement, and they are quickly supported, often receiving additional help from mentors.”

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