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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

Physical Education


“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basics of dynamic creative intellectual activity” - J F Kennedy

Physical education supports the curriculum vision for all young people to become confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. PE helps students to develop the skills, knowledge and competencies to live health a d physically active lives at school and for the rest of their life.

The King’s aims to begin, support and continue a pathway into sport and exercise through an enthusing, inspiring curriculum, extra-curricular programme and school-community cub links. At The King’s, whether tour passion is in invasion games, net and wall games, strike and field games, track and field athletics, gymnastic based or swimming, students can learn transferable skills, cognitive and social skills. 

Students will be able to apply these skills into a plethora of conditioned or competitive situations, this develo0pment can help lead to improved physical, mental and social health whilst exposing them to a future hobby or career, we encourage our students t approach all physical activity with a  positive attitude and an pen min, we guide students to independent develop their skillset and explore different ways to utilize the skills we develop like teamwork, cooperation, communication, creativity and leadership.

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