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Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

COVID-19 Update - Friday 24 April 2020


Our fifth week of school closure draws to an end. This would have been the week 2 of our Summer term.


The school continues to provide a childcare service to those parents and carers who are key worker and those students who are most vulnerable students. That said, our message remains clear, those children who are able to remain at home, must stay at home.


If your child is attending school can you please remind them that we will continue to expect them to complete school work as part of their school day and that activities set by staff are not subject to free choice.



If you are worried about any member of our school community, please either visit or send a text message (anonymously) to 07860 021 323 starting your message with TWF1. This facility can be used by students, parents, carers and other family members.


If you are worried that someone is in immediate risk of significant harm, please do not use this reporting facility, but dial 999 immediately.


Accessing student work online

The following guidance for accessing work set by teachers remains the same:


All students should be using their Office365 account and have received an email with a link to their own work folder from which to access all subjects. If your child is struggling to access their Office 365 account or specific subject material there are two avenues of support:


Recommended online platforms:


The following are currently free platforms and recommended for use:


Again if there are any issues accessing platforms where we have a school subscription (e.g. forgotten login names/ passwords) contact IT support.


Going forwards we have created for year 10 pupils global email distribution lists. This means that class teachers can send out work/ instructions for an entire class. We hope that this will improve communication channels for this particularly important year group. If you are a parent of a year 10 pupil we ask that you ensure they log into their school email account regularly in order to see what new work is being set from each of their class teachers.


Don’t forget that if your child is 15 years or older they can take part in some free remote learning to gain accredited qualifications. These are offered by PETXI and funded by the European Union.


LEVEL 2 Accredited programmes available via PETXI:

  • Customer Services Level 2: 4-Day
  • Personal Development for Employability Level 2: 4-Day
  • Health and Social care Level 2: 10-day
  • IT User Skills Qualification NCFE: 5 day

More information on the PETXi qualifications can be found here.


Weekly Challenges

Challenge 1: PEN PAL

My first challenge this week is inspired by an email from Miss Leo in the science department. There are pupils at the Smiling International School, in Ferrera northern Italy, who are looking for pen pals during this lockdown period. So, the challenge is become a pen pal, develop your letter writing skills and perhaps even learn a bit of Italian. If your child is interested then email Miss Leo and we can then set the ball rolling.


Challenge 2: KNIGHTS TOUR

Can you make a knight visit all the squares on a normal sized chess board following its normal playing move pattern ? You may want to simplify this problem and start small – for example a 4 x4 grid.



See Mr Worthington’s latest physical challenge on facebook.


We hope as many students, parents and carers as possible take up these challenges. We would love to hear and see you success stories. We’ve set up a dedicated email address so you can do just that - We will share some of your replies at our next Friday update.


Home Schooling Challenges – Years 7- 9

As promised we now have a wide selection of subject based challenges for years 7 to 9 that all the family can enjoy and take part in. These can be done in addition to other material posted on the school share point or as an alternative. All of the challenges are now available here.


If you complete any of these challenges then send your responses to you class teachers. We will include some of the best ones in next Friday’s news round up.


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