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Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

COVID-19 Update - Friday 22 May 2020



Isaiah 55:12

‘You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.’


The school continues to provide a childcare service to those parents and carers who are key worker and those students who are most vulnerable students. That said, our message remains clear, those children who are able to remain at home, must stay at home.


Should your child need childcare service over the half term break (May 25th – 29th) you will need to provide evidence to the school that you have work commitment on any of those days.


Our ninth week of school closure draws to an end. This would have been the week 6 of our Summer term. If you are struggling financially in any way please do contact the school in confidence. There are many things we can do to signpost you to support.


To our up and coming year 7 children – congratulations on completing the first week of your transition programme. If you haven’t started yet, don’t panic, it isn’t too late to start taking part.


Since our first letter following the governments announced intention to reopen schools from the 1st June we have this week issued further information to parents and carers. You should have received a letter that covers all schools in The Wade Federation. In the near future we will provide additional clarity for each of the individual settings. We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding whilst we work through the measures we need to put in place to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. You can read The Wade Federation letter here.



If you are worried about any member of our school community, please either visit or send a text message (anonymously) to 07860 021 323 starting your message with TWF1. This facility can be used by students, parents, carers and other family members.


If you are worried that someone is in immediate risk of significant harm, please do not use this reporting facility, but dial 999 immediately.    


Accessing student work online

Over the half term break staff will not be setting work for pupils to complete. After half term we will be making adjustments to how we are setting work. We will inform you by letter


The following guidance for accessing work set by teachers remains the same:


All pupils should be using their Office365 account and have received an email with a link to their own work folder from which to access all subjects. If your child is struggling to access their Office 365 account or specific subject material there are two avenues of support:


For technical issues, parents and carers are asked to email their request to our IT team at:


Recommended online platforms:

  • MyMaths          (school subscription)
  • SAMLearning   (school subscription)
  • GCSEPOD          (school subscription)
  • Musicfirst  (school subscription)


Again if there are any issues accessing platforms where we have a school subscription (e.g. forgotten login names/ passwords) contact IT support.


The following are currently free platforms and recommended for use


Weekly Challenges to

I am delighted to announce that Edie Melvin was awarded the winning £40 Amazon voucher prize for her entry to the challenge of ‘Pain, puss and poison’. You can see her winning entries here. The governors were impressed with her extensive note taking whilst watching the programme and her follow PowerPoint summary. Overall it reflected a significant commitment to personal study.

I am also delighted to announce that Elnoy Greenenko had also impressed the governors with his work that they instructed me to find some way to recognise his efforts. Elnoy receives a £20 Amazon voucher. You can see his entry here.


The entries for the ‘Triangles’ challenge are now with the governors to decide on the next winner of the £20 Amazon voucher. Good luck to all those who submitted an entry to



Challenge 1: SKIN

My first challenge is another documentary programme. So, I have been watching with my children the SKIN documentary programmes on BBC4. The challenge I am setting you is to watch anyone of the programmes and then to present a summary of the key facts/ information shared in the programme. You can present this in whatever way you see fit. All entries will be potential winners of a £20 Amazon voucher. The school governors will decide the winner from all the entries submitted. Bear in mind that the governors may not have watched the programme so they will be judging your entry on how informative it is.



I am keeping challenge two the same this week as, to date, I have not had an entry on this one. Do an internet search on how to do an Escher tessellation. Create one of your own. This will take a careful hand and some patience, but the results can be really impressive! If you want to see how simple it is to create an Escher tile check out my facebook post from last week where I show you what to do.


Challenge 3: TRUTH OR LIE?

This challenge is a real piece of fun, one all the family can take part in and one where you can find out things you never knew were true about the staff here at The King’s. Members of staff taking part have written three statements about themselves (click here), two are true and one is a lie. Your job is to sniff out the lie. Good luck!


We hope as many students, parents and carers as possible take up these challenges. We would love to hear and see you success stories. We’ve set up a dedicated email address so you can do just that -  We will share some of your replies at our next Friday update.


Home Schooling Challenges

We have put on hold the home schooling challenges as it is half term. We think everyone needs a break from the pressure of having to do school work. When we return after half term we are going to adjust slightly how we set work. We will make this clear to parents in a letter written to each year group.


It only remains for you to now click across and check out our Gallery: week 9. I am so proud of the work our pupils are able to produce with the support and guidance of parents and carers. Well done to all those pupils who feature in this weeks gallery. Enjoy! 

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