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Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

COVID-19 Update - Friday 17 July 2020

THE SCHOOL is now CLOSED for the summer break


Well we have finally made it. The summer break is here and just about everyone in our school community can relax about whether a piece of school work has or has not been done!


I will get straight to the most important information that I need to share with you – our plans for reopening the school in September. I thank you for your patience whilst we gave careful thought to how to keep everyone safe whilst still delivering a full curriculum offer. We have spent many days making and deliberately breaking our plans until we have arrived at the best solution, given our building and the resources available to us.


You can find the letter outlining our plans here, but we have also posted onto INSIGHT as well as emailing it to all parents / carers.


To support parents / carers in understanding our plans please check out my weekly news blog on Facebook, where I take you round some of the key measures we have put in place.


School Uniform

Our extremely high standards in uniform and appearance will be applied from the very first day we come back in September. This is an important first step in your child reintegrating into formal education. I am therefore asking all parents/ carers to fully support our expectations in this regard. Our uniform policy can be found on the school website or follow this link.


You should be aware that windows and doors are to be routinely left open to promote the free circulation of fresh air. You may wish to consider the need for your child to wear a school jumper. Please note that only the wearing of a school jumper will be acceptable - sport branded jumpers and hoody tops are not permitted and will be confiscated.



Again, our expectations remain that your child arrives to school equipped to learn. In the current circumstances this is more important than ever, as students sharing equipment increases the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.


Year 11 GCSE Results

Year 11 GCSE Results are available on Thursday 20th August. We are writing to all year 11 students on how this will take place. I am pleased that we will be able to do this face to face for those students who wish to come into school to receive them. Please look out for this in the post next week.



If you are worried about any member of our school community, please either visit or send a text message (anonymously) to 07860 021 323 starting your message with TWF1. This facility can be used by students, parents, carers and other family members.


If you are worried that someone is in immediate risk of significant harm, please do not use this reporting facility, but dial 999 immediately.    


….and Finally

Finally for this academic year I end in the most fitting manner – with the amazing work our students produce. The GALLERY this week is the biggest ever. Watch out for:

  • The Parable glass panel winners
  • The new students joining the ‘Pride of The King’s’ pride lands
  • The students who’s poetry work found its way into the Staffordshire University’s Poetry Anthology……
  • ……and of course all the fantastic responses to the home-schooling challenges - take a look here!


Enjoy the summer!

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