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Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

COVID-19 Update - Friday 17 April 2020



Our fourth week of school closure draws to an end. This would have been the second week of our Easter Holidays. You will be aware that the government has confirmed this week that the lockdown period will continue for at least another three weeks.


The school continues to provide a childcare service to those parents and carers who are key worker and those students who are most vulnerable students. That said, our message remains clear, those children who are able to remain at home, must stay at home.


Watching the daily BBC 6pm news has generally been a depressing experience. However this week I have been inspired by the article on Tom Moore, a former army captain from WW2. He set himself the challenge of completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday to raise money for the NHS. Last time I checked he had completed his personal challenge and had raised in the region of £15 million.


If you want to send Tom a belated birthday card and/ or congratulate him on completing his challenge then I believe the address below should get you there: 

Captain Tom Moore 
C/O Post Office Limited  
67 Bedford Road 
Marston Moretaine 
MK43 0LA 
Bedfordshire, England 


It strikes me that, in these difficult times, if you have the motivation and will power you can still achieve amazing things. 


Closer to home, team Hinchcliffe (aka Mr Hinchcliffe and Mrs Hinchcliffe) have been achieving amazing things. Having ordered in the materials last week they have been busy producing face masks for our local NHS services for delivery in the next few days. We are so lucky as a community to have such dedicated teachers.  



If you are worried about any member of our school community, please either visit or send a text message (anonymously) to 07860 021 323 starting your message with TWF1. This facility can be used by students, parents, carers and other family members.  


If you are worried that someone is in immediate risk of significant harm, please do not use this reporting facility, but dial 999 immediately.   


Accessing student work online 

The following guidance for accessing work set by teachers remains the same: 


All pupils should be using their Office365 account and have received an email with a link to their own work folder from which to access all subjects. If your child is struggling to access their Office 365 account or specific subject material there are two avenues of support: 


Other recommended online platforms: 






Again if there are any issues accessing these platforms (e.g. forgotten login names / passwords) contact IT support. 


Going forwards we have created for year 10 students global email distribution lists. This means that class teachers can send out work / instructions for an entire class. We hope that this will improve communication channels for this particularly important year group. If you are a parent of a year 10 student we ask that you ensure they log into their school email account regularly in order to see what new work is being set from each of their class teachers.  


Vocational and technical qualifications 2020 

We have an update from OFQUAL in relation to how technical and vocational qualifications will be awarded grades for the summer examination season 2020. We have linked a letter from the Secretary of State for Education where he outlines in brief the approaches to be taken. We have extracted the relevant section of his letter below where for our purposes the approach taken for the technical and vocational qualifications sat at The King’s will be the same as that taken for GCSEs. 


Qualifications used for progression to further or higher education   

Some vocational and technical qualifications and other general qualifications share many design features with general qualifications and are principally used for progression to further or higher education.   

For this reason, it is Government policy that, as far as possible, such qualifications should be treated in the same way as GCSEs, AS and A levels with learners receiving a calculated result. Calculated results could be based in part on teacher, trainer or tutor judgements of their ability, where appropriate, in combination with a range of other evidence. A number of students will already have completed assessments in some modules and, where that evidence usually counts towards a result, it could be taken into account. 


Weekly Challenge 4/5 

The challenges from week 5 remain the same for week 4. 


Going forwards into week 5 and beyond we are going to increase the number of challenges posted in our weekly news update. These challenge tasks are particularly aimed at years 7 to 9. They are less about following our school curriculum and more about taking advantage of home schooling – exploiting opportunities to present tasks that parents can comfortably be involved in as well as tasks that develop the whole child. 


We are going to begin awarding achievement points where pupils submit work to their class teachers which is deemed to be a really fine effort.  


Challenge 1: 

What are the official names for the bridges in each picture. What one interesting fact can you find out about each bridge 


Challenge 2 

Build from paper/ glue/ cello tape a freestanding bridge that will support the following weights. The further you can go the better your bridge 

  • an empty egg box 
  • an egg box with 1 egg 
  • an egg box with 2 eggs 
  • an egg box with 3 eggs 
  • aa full egg box 


Challenge 3 

Create a piece of art work in the style of Kandinsky. 


Challenge 4 

The tea bag challenge.


We hope as many students, parents and carers as possible take up these challenges. We would love to hear and see you success stories. We’ve set up a dedicated email address so you can do just that -  We will share some of your replies at our next Friday update. 


Home Schooling Challenges – Years 7- 9 


Year 7- making spaghetti bolognese and learning about food provenance and food miles 

Year 8- making banana bread and learning about sugars in foods 



Year 7- making a child's toy out of cardboard in the house 

Year 8- making a bug / animal out of any recycled / recyclable materials in the house 



Check out Miss Stevens’s art INSTAGRAM page:


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