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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

Artist Zoom call

On Wednesday 2nd December, Year 8 were treated to a Zoom call from Malaysian scribble pen artist Vince Low. The students have studied his unique style in their current Comic Art project where they have been taught the shading technique using a ball point pen.

The students engaged well and had lots of questions to ask such as ‘When did you discover your talents to scribble in this style?’ Vince was actually inspired by the way people in his art class used to scribble out their work when making a mistake!

Another student asked Vince if anyone  famous has bought his work to which he replied—Nicole Kidman.


The students were also curious about the scale at which Vince draws. A2 or A3 is the size of most of his pieces as he finds the bigger the drawing, the easier to apply finer details. Vince has developed the skill of accurately drawing faces by practising every single day!

Vince is an international artist and his style is commissioned by clients all around the world.



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