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Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love


One-to-one tuition is known as being a high-impact intervention strategy, based on evidence and recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).

Here at The King’s we use a private company, MyTutor to run online one-to-one tuition programmes that reinforce classwork, helping pupils in Key Stage 4 to build confidence, plug learning gaps and achieve their GCSE forecast grades. The tuition focuses predominantly on maths, science, English and English Literature.


The MyTutor programmes connect pupils with handpicked, talented tutors studying at the UK’s top universities. Their tutors are not only subject specialists, but also bright, inspiring role models. As they are relatively close in age to our students, they are able to empathise with the difficulties our students are facing, share their own recent exam experiences and offer support in a safe environment, free from judgement. Every session is recorded, so students can re-watch at any time to support revision.


A pupil voice activity from our 2019 student cohort on the MyTutor programme confirms it’s place in supporting out students to achieve their best:


  • 100% of students felt they’d improved their performance in the subject they were tutored in
  • 100% of students said they felt more confident, and
  • 100% of students said they felt their actual GCSE performance was better as a direct result of their tutoring


In summing up their experience of the programme in one word, our students said:


Listen to Gabby Cunningham talk about her experience of one-to-one tuition in Chemistry. For Gabby this resulted in her moving from a Grade 4 in her last mock examination to a Grade 7 in her final GCSE examination:

Gabby Cunningham talks about MyTutor.MOV

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Our evidence shows that students only succeed with one-to one tuition if they are self-motivated and already working hard with the subjects they receive tuition in. One-to one tuition is not a rescue package where students are not engaging with a subject.


With a commitment to 15 or more hours of tuition you could achieve similar gains in performance experienced by Gabby. See The King’s impact case study for 2019 in the MyTutor annual impact report and how our students on the programme gained, on average, over three GCSE grades.

To understand MyTutor a little better, visit the MyTutor website to see how it works or have a look at this video of MyTutor on the BBC.

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