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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Since taking part in the mentoring programme I have performance at school, but at home as well. I have made really good progress on the mentoring do better in lessons.




Assertive mentoring at The Kingʼs is a mechanism used to encourage our learners to aim high and best the best that they can be in their school lives. It is a one to one mentoring scheme where students will meet mentors weekly to discuss areas of difficulty that they would like to overcome. Statistical data and feedback from all involved in the programme shows that Assertive Mentoring improves student performance in one or more of the following areas:


How it works


30 students from Year 7 are selected to take part over the course of the year. Students meet their mentor weekly where they are set aspiration targets to reduce the barriers to learning that are being presented. During these sessions students bring work that shows they are meeting their targets and as a group we celebrate their successes. Students then display their work on their board. We do this for 12 weeks and after this time we track their progress all the way through to Year 11, checking along the way that they are still going on to be successful learners.