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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Verow, Executive Headteacher
Mr W Wilson, Head of School
Mrs L Boon, Assistant Head: Curriculum & SIAMS
Miss S Milne, Assistant Head: Inclusion
Miss A Williams, Assistant Head: T&L
Mr M Worthington, Head of Behaviour & Sixth Form
Mrs A Prince, Federation Business Manager
Mr R Timmis, Deputy Federation Business Manager

Heads of Faculty

English Faculty, comprising English, media, drama, art, modern foreign languages and religious education.
Head of English Faculty Miss S Warner             
Deputy Head of English Faculty Miss L Pattinson                      
Mathematics Faculty, comprising mathematics, business studies, geography and ICT.
Head of Mathematics Faculty Mrs S Turner
Deputy Head of Mathematics Faculty Mr Z Aslam
Science Faculty, comprising science, health and social care, history, music, design and technology and physical education.
Head of Science Faculty Miss L Sykes
Deputy Head of Science Faculty Miss H Kaminskas


Heads of Year

Head of Year 7 Miss J Bailey
Head of Year 8 Miss O Stanyer
Head of Year 9 Mr T Smith
Head of Year 10 Mr B Barber
Head of Year 11 Mrs N Kelly
Sixth Form Manager Mrs E Finnemore. 


Inclusion Team

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Designated Teacher: LAC/PLAC

Miss O Stanyer                        
Inclusion Support Managers

Mrs K Hinchcliffe

Mrs Z Williams

Deputy SENDCo Mrs A Nevard
Assistant SENDCo Miss N Thompson
Accelerated Learning Teacher Mrs R Cresswell                                   
Pastoral Support Assistants

Ms C Beek

Miss M Braznell

Clerical Assistant: Attendance Mrs L Shaw
Clerical Assistant: SENDCo Mrs C Cook
Inclusion Support Assistants

Miss S Beech

Miss K Finney

Mr M Sargeant

Mrs S Stubbs

Miss J Sollom


Art & Photography

Miss L Pattinson

Miss E Stevens


Business Studies

Miss S Milne

Miss A Sharrock


Childcare and Health & Social Care

Mrs E Finnemore


Computer Science and ICT

Mr Z Aslam



Mrs J O'Hara-Douglas

Miss E Carr



Mr T Harrison

Miss O Stanyer

Mrs E Verow

Miss A Williams

Miss E Carr

Mrs S Hammond

Miss L Forrest-Kelly



Mrs N Kelly

Miss A Sharrock



Miss J Bailey

Mrs A Brown



Mrs L Boon

Mr M Haworth

Mrs S Turner

Mr W Wilson

Mr A Seymour-Hollis

Mrs Z Moody

Mr G Smith


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss L Stevenson

Miss S Warner

Mrs A Nevard



Mr T Smith 


Physical Education

Miss H Kaminskas

Mr M Worthington

Mrs J Wilkinson


Religious Education

Mr B Barber

Mrs K Berrisford

Mrs C Keay



Miss L Sykes

Mrs A Wright

Mrs S Bukhari

Miss E Butler

Miss L Leo

Mr A Yearsley



Miss L Harrison

Mr D Hinchcliffe

Miss S Collins


Support Services

Executive Headteacher's PA & Office Support Manager Miss M Till                                 
Data Manager Mr M Toach
Clerical Assistant: Finance Miss K Phillips
Receptionist Mrs D Patrick
Reprographics Assistant Mrs A Greene
Learning Resource Centre Administrator Mrs L Little
Cover Supervisors

Mr D Barcroft

Mr D Coxon

IT Technician Mr O Smith
Science & Technology Technicians

Mr M Sargeant 

Mr J Sherratt

Caretaker Mrs K Mathews

Mr W Blandford

Mr A Eardley

Driver Mr R Green
Catering Supervisor Mrs H Moores
Assistant Catering Supervisors

Mrs C Clarke

Mrs J Proctor

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs L Boyle

Mrs M Mann


Mrs L Barlow

Mrs C Bridges

Mrs C Dennis

Mrs D Meadowcroft

Mrs B Walker


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