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Learning with truth and love


GCSE Masterclass Programme



Every year the staff at The King’s run a Masterclass programme for students in year 11. The programme is designed to help students prepare for their GCSE examinations by helping to ensure that key skills and knowledge learned are embedded into long term memory. Whilst the programme is optional, there are significant benefits from your child attending. An extract from the 2020 results analysis below highlights the impact this programme could have on your child’s progress.

In 2020, 64% of the cohort generated a positive progress score meaning that they exceeded predicted expectations of performance in each of their best eight GCSE results. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of these students had committed themselves to attending the Period 6 Masterclass programme from the start of year 11. The tables below exemplify how this personal commitment to Masterclass studies has had a significant impact on a child’s performance across a suite of their best qualifications. For example, Pupil A exceeded her predicted expectations by an average of nearly 3 GCSE grades in each of her best eight GCSEs, whilst pupil Q exceeded his predicted expectations by an average of just over 1 GCSE grade in each of his best eight GCSEs.



Our observations here at The King’s reflect international research findings. A DFE research report (EPPSE, September 2014) found that the daily time spent on homework is a strong predictor of better academic attainment and progress. Students spending 2-3 hours on homework on an average weeknight were almost 10 times more likely to achieve 5 good GCSE passes (grade 5 or better) compared to those students who did not spend any time.


The timetable below shows the schedule of subject masterclasses.


On Tuesday and Friday, English, RE and French have produced a targeted list of students who need to attend the relevant subject in week 1 and week 2. Teachers will notify those students accordingly. The targeting list can be found below.

On Wednesday, week 2, the priority is for PE and business studies. If your child does not study these subjects, they should attend the maths masterclass.

On Thursday and Friday we have grouped most option subjects together to reduce competition.


If you are keen that your child attends the masterclass programme, we will let you know through the WEDUC platform, where you will receive a P6 attendance notification for each day that your child attends.

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