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Nightingale Academy

The King's Church of England School

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Learning Support & SEN(D)


About our staff

We have a team of 6 dedicated staff (SENCo, Y8 nurture group teacher, 2 HLTAs, a TA and a Pupil Premium Inclusion mentor) who work across all curriculum areas, with particular emphasis on the core subjects of Maths and English. In addition, they provide additional support on school trips and cross-curricular events.


A member of staff is qualified to work with our Dyslexic students.


Support for Year 7 pupils

On entry to school, year 7 pupils are assessed for reading using the Suffolk online reading test. Any pupils identified as struggling with reading are put onto a synthetic phonics reading programme designed specifically for secondary schools, coupled with supported reading on a weekly basis.


General support for pupils

Children with a Statement of Educational Need receive targeted support in accordance with the terms of their statement. Other children who experience difficulty with some aspects of learning will also be given extra support where possible.


Access to specialists

The Learning Support department works closely with a number of specialists employed by our local authority (Staffordshire County Council) and who are available to the school for consultation. These specialists include an educational psychologist and a behaviour consultant.




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