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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

Instant tips and ideas


  • Cut out newspaper articles about topics your child is studying.
  • Read together if your child is having problems with reading in a particular subject.
  • Text or email a message of a ‘must read’ to your child during the day – this could be a current affairs issue, a news article on an interesting career, something you found amusing or interesting, or……
  • Talk about the subjects they have studied in the day, encouraging your child to be the ‘expert’ and use the technical terms they are learning. For example, your child could tell you about tomorrow’s weather using words such as precipitation, humidity and isobars, or they could explain how a circuit works when you switch on the light
  • Look up technical words you or your child don’t recognise from their work in a dictionary or on the internet and make it your word of the day. When you have a list of new words over the course of a week you could test your child on them – both in terms of what they mean as well as how to spell them

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