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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

Individual Liberty




Our collective worship and tutor worship reflections start by placing the emphasis on oneself and 'what it means to me', so that they students can see that they are important in their own right.


Students are strongly encouraged to develop independence in thinking for themselves.

  • Collective worship
  • Tutor worship reflections
  • APU support
  • Restorative justice
  • Self-review and target setting
  • Student voice through the school council
  • Fundraising committee
  • Fairtrade group
  • Citizenship lessons
  • RE lessons

Students understand that the right to individual liberty comes with many responsibilities in society and in the local community - they understand that there can be consequences for their decisions.


Students are  consulted on many aspects of school life.


Students opt to pray, reflect or think, depending on their preference and their own point in their spiritual journey.


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