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Learning with truth and love

Homework Club

Due to current restrictions from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently not running the Homework Club. We intend to have the this club running again as soon as possible, please keep a look out for updates.



Please look below to see what we usually ran as our Homework club.

The Spring Term has seen the launch of the homework club. This club accommodates Key Stage 3 students who have been identified as having completing homework at home. The 8 students who have been in the club for the first term have made huge improvements in their ability to complete homework and to a good standard. Below you can see the impact of the club in reducing the number of sanctions these pupils have had for failure to complete homework.



No. of Sanctions for No Homework Recorded

Autumn 2 Term


Spring 1 Term


Week 1 of Homework Club


Week 2 of Homework Club


Week 3 of Homework Club



In addition, pupils attending homework club have had the opportunity of teaching support with Faculty leaders across the school giving up their lunchtimes to supervise and guide the students.


This guidance also supports the students in becoming better organised, showing them how to make effective use of their planner.


Tips for using a planner effectively are:


  • Bringing your planner to school everyday
  • Ensuring that your planner is signed
  • Have your planner on your desk ready to record your homework
  • Record your homework in detail so you know what you need to do
  • Make sure you clearly write down the deadline for homework to be in


If you feel that your son or daughter in Year 7,8 and 9 would benefit from attending this club then please contact Mrs Hinchcliffe in the first instance.


Homework Club is run every lunchtime and we ensure students always have time to get their lunch. Photos of student planner before homework club:


Photos of student planner after homework club:



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