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Learning with truth and love


Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


Here at The King’s we are committed to providing a world class careers programme which is guided by the Gatsby benchmarks. We strive towards meeting all elements of the benchmarks, providing our students with a range of aspirational activities, employer encounters, opportunities to develop employability skills and advice and guidance in relation to their future pathways. We are very fortunate that these opportunities are provided both in school and out of school by our teaching staff, local and national employers/employees, University representatives and other further and higher education volunteers.


There are 3 main objectives which run through the Careers Education Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) programme for all year groups at The Kingʼs School:

  • Self-Development: For students to be able to understand themselves and the influences upon them

  • Career Exploration: For students to be able to investigate opportunities in learning and work

  • Career Management: For students to be able to make and adjust plans to manage change and transition


Mrs A Wright is our Careers Leader and oversees the careers programme. She can be contacted on


On Monday 13th December, the whole school were off timetable for the day taking part in a Careers Day. This day was filled with a variety of invaluable sessions providing our students with an insight into the current labour market, the opportunity to develop their employability skills and the chance to meet with a range of employers learning about their roles and responsibilities


Year 7 spent the day developing their understanding of the NHS where they entered the 'Step into the NHS' competition which required students to develop their understanding of the wide range of roles and responsibilities within this sector. The students were also very fortunate to meet a range of NHS employees including a podiatrist, a GP, a physiotherapist and a Senior Programme manager where they could listen first hand to their daily experiences, questioning them on their career pathways, qualifications and career interests. In addition to this, students developed their employability skills during a team building challenge where they were required to use a range of resources to build the highest tower. This required students to work effectively as a team, using their communication, listening, problem solving, resilience and leadership skills. 


Year 8's Careers Day was linked to the theme of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths), a sector which will provide a huge range of careers when the students enter the world of work. Students started the day developing them employability skills, developing their knowledge of the careers involved in the infrastructure of bridges and the skills required. Students then utilised these skills to create their own bridges using a range of resources and soft skills including teamwork, creativity, problem solving and communication. To further extend their knowledge of STEAM, students also met John Simpson, a retired chartered mechanical engineer and member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Staffordshire who enlightened students with his career experiences and educated them on the roles and responsibilities involved in engineering. Students were then able to apply the skills they had developed throughout the day and from their Science lessons to a dissection activity, which was certainly not for the faint hearted! Students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were also able to link the relevance of their learning within Science lessons to the world of work. Finally, students were extremely fortunate to meet a range of employers from the construction industry with volunteers from Willmott Dixon, Balfour Beatty and Kier participating in a 'Guess Who' carousel. This allowed students to use their knowledge from recent chapter activities where they have developed their knowledge of careers within construction, to question employees on their roles and responsibilities whilst trying to guess their job title. 


Year 9 explored their future options in terms of the subjects that they could choose at the end of Year 9 for their GCSE studies, examining their strengths and interests and how these could be applied in their decision making process. Students were also provided with an insight into post 18 education where they received an introduction to University from Higher Horizons, developing their knowledge of courses available, student life and a brief introduction to student finance. A selection of art students also participated in a 'We are Culla' workshop with a local business where they had the opportunity to develop their skills whilst guided by professional artists. Students were also very fortunate to have a virtual employer encounter with CeCe Sammy Lightfoot, a classically trained musician and vocal coach who has worked with artists and actors from the BBC, Paramount, Warner Bros and Universal. Students gained an insight into her successful career pathway and received valuable life and career advice from CeCe. The students were also able to question CeCe on her extraordinary career which they thoroughly enjoyed. The day came to a close with a visit from The Inspirational Learning Group who introduced students to a business enterprise project that they will be involved with throughout the year and also required students to think about the local labour market and careers that may interest them in the future. 


Year 10 were very lucky to have a varied day which consisted of employer encounters, career exploration and developing employability skills. The day began with a virtual employer encounter from ASK apprenticeships where students developed their understanding of the range of apprenticeships available, the qualifications required and the career opportunities available. Students were also fortunate to receive an employer visit from Barclays who taught students the importance of being resilient and why this was important in the workplace. In preparation for their work experience placements next year, students also developed their understanding of how to contact employers, supported by use of the Unifrog platform. Meanwhile, students also examined the range of career opportunities within the public services including their daily responsibilities and the entry requirements. 


Students in Year 11 explored their post 16 options including a sixth form carousel where students were able to interview sixth form teachers on subject content, entry requirements and potential career pathways. A special visit from The National Citizenship Service also introduced students to a summer opportunity where they can develop their employability skills through outdoor and adventurous activities and through undertaking work experience. Students explored potential future careers through participating in a Careers Escape room and also had the invaluable opportunity of developing their knowledge of CV writing and how to create a successful CV for future part time jobs, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities. 


Meanwhile, the sixth form visited Staffordshire University where they were provided with information on the benefits of higher education and details linked to student finance. They were also extremely privileged to be provided with the opportunity to experience taster sessions in a range of different courses including Biological Sciences, Nursing, Criminology and Psychology.  This was an invaluable insight into higher education for our sixth form students who are currently in the process of applying for University or developing their awareness of post 18 options. 

What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in secondary schools. For more information, take a look at this guide.

Local Labour Market Information:


As part of your careers journey at The King's you will be kept informed of the local labour market. This information will tell you what jobs and skills employers are looking for, which industries have vacancies and where they are located, what education and training is needed for specific jobs and finally, which jobs will be popular in the future, which are on the decline and other statistics linked to your career choices and destinations. 


The image below demonstrates which industries currently employ the most people within the Newcastle district. This is really important information as this informs us of which sectors are likely to provide career opportunities for our students in the near future. This can assist our students in their subject choices and career aspirations. 

The King's Careers Learning Journey


Please click on the link below to see your child's careers learning journey here at The King's.

The King’s CEIAG Programme


See below a link to our initial CEIAG programme for the 2020/21 academic year outlining the various activities, opportunities and experiences our students are provided with. This programme is updated on a half termly basis with further activities.

To continue to assist our students with their future study and career options we have partnered with Unifrog which is the complete destinations platform. This is a one-stop-shop for students across KS3, KS4 and KS5 regardless of their interests or academic ability. It is the only place where students can compare every university course, apprenticeship and FE course in the UK as well as universities in 30 other countries across the world. This is alongside getting access to labour market information and advice on careers and subjects for all routes. Unifrog also helps students to record and evidence their key activities & competencies and prepare their CVs and personal statements alongside the teacher reference, CEIAG interactions recording and destination tracking tools, all in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks. Click here to log in to your student Unifrog account.

Key Stage 3 & 4