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Learning with truth and love

Careers and Guidance


This week is National Apprenticeships Week which is a fantastic opportunity to develop your understanding of what apprenticeships actually are, the benefits of an apprenticeship, how to apply for an apprenticeship and an insight into which employers provide apprenticeships and how they have helped people of all ages and backgrounds. 


To develop your knowledge of apprenticeships, ASK apprenticeships have put together a fantastic schedule of free, virtual activities throughout the week. To access these sessions, just click the link below and register for the sessions that you are interested in. This is available to both students and their parents / carers. 


Alternatively, you might like to have a go at completing a series of mini activities on each day of the week. This can be achieved by completing the work booklet below where you will have the opportunity to hear from apprentices from a range of different sectors, find apprenticeships that you may enjoy, develop your understanding of apprenticeships in the NHS and the Army, participate in a quiz and many more. Miss Kaminskas will also be providing 100 Track it points to any students who complete the booklet and email it to her. 




There are three main objectives which run through the Careers Educations Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme for all year groups at The King’s School:


  • Self-Development: For students to be able to understand themselves and the influences upon them
  • Career Exploration: For students to be able to investigate opportunities in learning and work
  • Career Management: For students to be able to make and adjust plans to manage change and transition


Whilst your child is home-schooling there is a perfect opportunity for them engage with these objectives. In each year group and in each half term we have selected a relevant task that your child can complete as part of their home studies. To access some of the activities your child will need to know their UNIFROG log in details. If your child is not already set up with an account they can find their log in details by accessing their school email account and typing UNIFROG into the search box. They will then see a welcome email from UNIFROG allowing your child to register an account and set up their password.


Miss Kaminskas is our Careers Leader and oversees the careers programme. She can be contacted at should you experience difficulties with your child's UNIFROG log in.

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