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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love


Students at The Sixth Form are our oldest students, therefore are our role models who are younger students are inspired by. 


Therefore our students in the Sixth Form will:

  • recognise their responsibility as senior members of the school; setting a good example to Main School students and always acting in the spirit of the Sixth Form behavioural expectations.
  • make studying their first priority, including carrying out wider reading and research, ensure that they are aware of the requirement of the specifications of each course that they are studying.
  • treat Sixth Form study as if it were a full-time job, spending at least 35 hours a week on timetabled lessons and independent study, in particular making good use of private study and home study sessions.
  • take responsibility for their own progress by self-assessing and target setting in consultation with their subject teachers and chapter leader.
  • review their targets regularly and be proactive in seeking help from their tutor or subject teachers if they are experiencing difficulties.
  • be courteous at all times and treat staff, other students and visitors to the school with respect.
  • maintain full attendance, be punctual, organised and prepared for learning, meet all deadlines, informing teachers in advance of any foreseen absences and catching up on missed work.
  • play a full part in the wider Sixth Form experience by positively engaging with induction activities, enrichment, games/sport, chapters, citizenship, school student leadership and student voice activities. 
  • foster a sense of community in the Sixth Form by respecting the privileges that being a Sixth Form student brings, contributing to the smooth running of the School in general, supporting peers who are experiencing difficulties and not engaging in behaviour that others might find offensive or is harmful to people or property.

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