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Learning with truth and love

Awards Evening 2019

On Wednesday 29th November 2019, The King’s were proud to host its fourth Awards Evening since moving into the new building. Celebrating the achievements, attributes and contributions of The King’s students is part of our daily routine; they achieve praise postcards awards and house points daily for their hard work and positive contributions. However, the Awards Evening is noted to be a particularly special occasion for, students, staff, parents and Governors to recognise and celebrate the exceptional effort and talents of so many of our young people spread across KS3, KS4 and KS5. The evening began with an introduction by the Head of school Mr Will Wilson, who was then followed by an incredible dance performance choreographed and performed by a group of KS3 and KS4 students. A well polished rendition of Rise by Katy Perry ensued with the school choir along with exceptional readings from KS3 student Kiara Dandas and our Head Girls Anna Jiricna and Gabrielle Cunningham.


The audience were thrilled to hear from our Guest of Honour, Ms Hayley Miller, an incredibly successful and talented business woman with more than 30 years’ experience working for HSBC. Here, the audience were encapsulated by her inspirational speech which highlighted the need to have belief and faith in one’s ability. Ms Miller has supported the school’s work in recent times to raise students’ aspirations through the information and careers guidance program. Equally, her work as a Foundation Governor has also played an instrumental role in the development and progress of the school.


The main event was a fitting celebration of the vast array of achievements for the students of the high school. Not only were huge quantities of achievement and progress certificates given out, but many other prizes too like shields and trophies. These were given alongside certificates for service to both the school and the local community as well as awards from the Rotary Club and Autonet. We were also pleased to celebrate a range of other awards including sporting and personal achievements.


The evening was brought to a close with an absolutely breath-taking performance of An Inspector Calls by Callum James and Elnoy Greenenko. Written, directed and performed by the students themselves, the performance epitomized all that is outstanding at The King’s; with Callum’s natural ability to entertain and captivate the audience and Elnoy’s sharp critique and artful oratory skills, the pair were magnificent and surpassed all expectations.


Thank you to all who attended the evening to support and celebrate the many and varied achievements of the pupils of The King’s; as a school we are very lucky to have the strong support of parents, local businesses and staff but ultimately, this benefits our pupils and gives them enormous encouragement.

Callum James performs at The King's Awards Evening 2019

Callum James and Elnoy Greenenko 'An Inspector Calls' performance.

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