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Students' achievement is directly related to their attendance; if a student is not in school, they are not able to access learning and the resources presented in class by teachers. Indeed, research conducted by Teachernet in 2009 found that "failure to attend school regularly can have a major impact on young people's education, their future and their life chances". 1


We take attendance very seriously at The King's. Not attending school is a problem that affects students, families and the community. Students with poor attendance are less likely to do well in school and when students are not in school, they are more likely to get involved in illegal activities in the community.


Every absence from school is classed as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED:


Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for a good reason: illness and other "unavoidable causes"


Unauthorised absences are those, which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no "leave" has been given. This includes truancy.


Monitoring Attendance


Every lesson a computerised register is taken and each week the information obtained is passed to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO). Letters are then sent home to parents informing them of “falling attendance”.


What does a student's attendance percentage actually mean?


Although getting 90% in an exam may be a good score, 90% ATTENDANCE is actually the equivalent to 20 days off school. This means that if your child has 90% ATTENDANCE, they have potentially missed 120 lessons. To help students understand the attendance system at the school, we hold an annual assembly which explains the impact of their attendance. The traffic light system is used as a visual reminder for all students. This can be seen in all tutor rooms and outside the Progress Unit.


What is the impact of different attendance percentages?


Below 90% = 20 days absent. If this happens you (as parent or carer) will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO). Your child will also be behind in their work and you could face a

fine. You will receive a letter from our attendance officer. Your child's attendance will be closely monitored.


91% - 96%

Your attendance will be closely monitored by the school and the EWO. A letter will be issued raising attendance as a concern.


97% - 100% = Excellent Attendance

Your child will receive a letter of congratulations from the school governors and automatically be

nominated for a place on the REWARDS TRIP. They will also have excellent school references.


How can I, as a parent/carer, find out my child's attendance?


Tutors receive a copy of their students' attendance every week. The APU also has access to this information and any other issues regarding attendance.


How do I notify the school about absence?


To avoid your child having unauthorised absence, it is important that you contact the school on the first day of their absence before 8.30am and each day that your child is going to be absent from

school. If you receive a letter regarding your childʼs absence it must be completed and returned to school. Absence percentages are then altered to reflect the authorised absence.

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