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Learning with truth and love

16-19 Tuition

The 16 to 19 tuition fund statement


The 2020, Year 11 cohort may have been at a disadvantage if they did not get the grade that they potentially could have achieved through the lockdown period of March to their June examinations. These students will require a resit in mathematics and English to ensure that they can enter the next stage of their education.  In previous years, the students who have not met the criteria have accessed that year’s Year 11 lessons to accommodate their learning needs. This has, on some occasions, been problematic as not all lessons have been able to fit, logistically, on their timetable. As a result, students have only had access to a selection of lessons and those within a larger, already established class.


This year however, with the additional funding, we can provide small group lessons specifically timetabled for those students who did not attain a level 4 in mathematics or English. Lessons will be delivered by a specialist maths and English teacher who will tailor their lessons to the individual requirements of the students.

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