Physical Education

Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 and 9


All Key Stage 3, students at The King’s receive a double lesson of Physical Education per week (100 minutes). Students follow the National Curriculum programmes of study and are taught to:

  • Use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition
  • Develop technique and improve performance
  • Analyse performances compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve personal bests
  • Take part in competitive sports and activities outside school

Students participate in the following areas of activity:




Within the games units, students cover the following sports: badminton, basketball, football, netball, tennis, rounders, softball and volleyball.


Students are assessed using a ‘head, hands and heart framework’ which allows them to shine in a variety of ways. Rather than just focussing on their physical ability, we create opportunities for students to become sports leaders and officials.

Head - How we think within an activity:

Develops students’ - decision making, analytical thinking, confidence, creative and independent thinking.

Heart - Understanding our fitness and health within an activity:

Develops students’ - Involvement and engagement in lessons,  health, active lifestyle habits, understanding of how the activity can improve our lifelong health and fitness.

Hands - How we perform within an activity:

Develops students’ - physical literacy, activity specific skills and competitiveness

Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11

Year 10 & 11 Core PE

At GCSE, students will begin to take ownership for their learning; developing their leadership skills and an enjoyment for physical activity which they will carry throughout their lifetime. Students in Key Stage 4 will receive one lesson (50 minutes) of PE per week and in this time, they are expected to plan, organise, set up and facilitate their own activities. Students will be offered activities such as:

Swimming        Boxercise         Football                        Dance              Basketball      

Badminton       Table Tennis                        Health Related Fitness             Spinning

AQA GCSE Physical Education

GCSE Physical Education allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of PE in a vast array of areas related to health, fitness, physiology and psychology. The course covers the following subject content;

1. Applied anatomy and physiology

2. Movement analysis

3. Physical training

4. Use of data

5. Sports psychology

6. Socio-cultural influences

7. Health, fitness and well-being

The course is assessed through the combination of both theory and practical. In the new specification, the theory components are weighed at 70% and practical is weighed at 30%. Pupil are required to perform practically in;

  • One team activity
  • One individual activity
  • One free choice

Extra Curricular

There is an extensive extra-curricular programme on offer at The King’s School (please find our timetable on the school website). The PE department prides itself on offering all pupils an opportunity to participate in a vast array of traditional and alternative activities. Activities are available every lunchtime and after school. We also enter teams into all competitions organised by the Newcastle Borough Sports Association.

Useful Links

As part of their homework and extra revision students will sometimes need to use the internet, either for independent learning or revision.

Sporting Achievements


Basketball District Champions

Girls 5-a-side Football District Champions and 4thin the Midlands Championships


Boys District Basketball Champions

Boys County Basketball Champions

Boys Basketball finished in the top 32 schools in England

Girls District Basketball Champions

Girls County Basketball Champions

Girls Rounder District Champions


3rdoverall for the U16 district Swimming Gala

Whole School

3rdbest school in the District Swimming Gala Championships

Represented the School in the Dance 014 event at the Regent theatre

PE Uniform Policy

Students must be their full PE uniform to be prepared for each lesson. The correct PE uniform consists of the following:

·         The King’s T-shirt

·         The King’s PE shorts or skirt

·         Black sports leggings (female)

·         Black tracksuit bottoms (male or female)

·         Training shoes (no pumps)

Students who cannot participate in PE due to illness or injury must have a medical note to excuse them from participation. However, where possible, we ask that students always bring their PE uniform so that they can participate as either a sports leader or official within the lesson. Not brining PE uniform will result in the following sanctions:

1st Occasion - A warning will be issued and recorded

2nd Occasion - 15 minute break time detention led by teacher

3rd Occasion - Referral to the subject leader for further warnings and a phone call home

4th Occasion - 30 minute after school detention, referral to the Senior Leadership Team and a letter sent home

5th Occasion - Referred to the Head teacher