What Does The King's Represent?

The King’s represents a fabulous opportunity as a Church of England secondary school which welcomes all faiths and cultures.  The Christian ethos permeates across all of our work and we celebrate unity in diversity – diversity of those of Christian faith, those of other faith and those of no faith.  Our students work together in a school which strives for excellence in all areas.  Our students flourish together and develop respect and understanding for each other so that they are prepared for their adult lives in modern Britain.  All visitors to the school comment on the warmth of welcome and the calm, harmonious atmosphere around the school and the focussed attitude of our students.

We are already immensely proud of our whole school community.  The new building is helping to make The King’s a flagship school for the 21st Century.  We are growing in size and population and our work in and with the local community contributes to our students’ success as individuals.  We are proud that, as a small secondary school, we know all the students in our care.  All subjects on the curriculum are taught by specialist teachers.

Academically we establish good working habits in an environment which is conducive to study right from Year 7.  This demonstrates our commitment to bringing about effective learning whilst maintaining concern for the individual.

Although we take great pride in our high achievers, we are particularly proud that all of our students leave school with sound qualifications on which to build their future.  We have the highest proportion of students continuing in education and employment in the district.  


Each morning before breaktime, we take time to meet with Jesus, just as the early disciples did on the road to Emmaus.  We invite Jesus to be with us throughout each day and to stand with us in our thoughts, words and actions.  There is a specially designed programme of activities where students explore a variety of issues to provide an opportunity for students and staff to explore their own spirituality.  This time is used by students of Christian faith, or all faiths and of no faith to reflect on the issues in hand and to consider a variety of viewpoints.  Students exercise their right to individual liberties, to tolerance and to mutual respect in these sessions on a daily basis.

Reflection Space

We have a dedicated faith reflection space which is designed to be used for a variety of purposes.  Iain Baker, vicar at St Thomas' uses this space for the Explore club.  This space is currently a blank canvas which is developing - Iain has applied for funding from the Diocese in order to turn this space into a friendly area to contemplate and to reflect.  If you would like to donate anything to our faith space, then please do contact Miss Milne.


Our Aims

“To provide an outstanding learning and personal development experience within the context of the Christian ethos of the school for all our students and staff, being an organisation in which the parents and the wider community rightly have full confidence.”

  • Outstanding learning: students experience the highest quality learning to help develop them into well rounded citizens.
  • Outstanding curriculum: we provide a curriculum for our students which is motivating, engaging and which meets their specific needs.
  • Outstanding support: we encourage every child to be an individual and we personalise their learning and support.
  • Our achievement: the results achieved by our students exceed local and national expectations at all levels.
  • Our staff: we employ the best team of staff to deliver maximum success for students and recognise the need to constantly develop and retain the best possible staff within the school.
  • Our community: we listen to and respond to the needs of our community so that a first choice service is available to all and people locally value us as a central focus for the development of their community.