Links with local primary schools

If you would like to discuss admission into our Year 7, please contact Sarah Milne (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

We work closely with local primary schools so that children from KS2 and KS1 are able to use the specialist equipment and facilities here at The King's.  Local primary school children have attended several transition days here at The King's.

There is lots going on with our primary school partners.  The King's has only been open for two years (we opened in January 2015), but look at what we have already established with local primary schools:

  • Year 5 students from a local primary school came to The King's to use the science labs during Science Week
  • KS1 children from a local primary school were taught by science teachers from The King's in their own school during Science Week
  • Year 10 students from The King's visited a local primary school to help Year 6 to run a French café for parents in their school hall
  • Science sessions in our local feeder schools for Year 5 students to experiene hands-on science with specialist scientists
  • Languages day for students from a local primary school hosted at The King's
  • Visits by Year 4, 5 and 6 students from several local schools
  • Local primary school teachers have visited The King's in order to better understand the school and be better equipped to talk about our facilities with parents at their own schools
  • One of our PE staff visits one of our Church feeder schools to deliver PE lessons on a weekly basis
  • Both of the Kidsgrove Church primaries fall in the same parish as The King's
  • Headteachers from Kidsgrove primary schools regularly meet with Mrs Verow and Miss Milne in order to discuss transition arrangements
  • The Kidsgrove Primary District Inclusion Panel is hosted at The King's - this is part of a wider transition and inclusion initiative across the local authority and it was pioneered in Kidsgrove
  • One of the local primary schools uses "The King's Student Planners" in Year 6 in order to better prepare their students for the transition phase
  • We have run a summer school for Year 6 into Year 7 students in August since 2012