Years 7 and 8

The Science department at The King's School aims to make learning about science interesting and exciting for students. We actively encourage students to develop their scientific skills and use them to understand the developing world around them.


At KS3, the students follow the Activate scheme of work which is a course designed to support every student develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for the new Key Stage 4 GCSE Programme of Study.  Each scheme of work, from year 7-9, is split into biology, chemistry and physics with each topic area containing differentiated lessons and resources to stretch and challenge each individual student.  Practical work is a key part of the curriculum and students are encouraged to develop their investigative skills through scientific enquiry.     

Students are assessed at the end of each topic and formal, whole school assessments are completed half termly.  The students are required to complete a written paper based on their scientific knowledge and practical skills. 

A small percentage of the marks on each assessment are awarded for literacy. 

Each assessment paper focuses on the content that has been taught and requires the students to use skills ranging from recall to explain and justify.  In the physics assessment, students are required to recall number of equations as these are no longer provided in the new GCSE examination. 

At Key Stage 3, students have three 50 minute lessons of science per week.

Years 9, 10 and 11

Combined Science 3 Year Long Term Overview