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At Key Stage 3, all students receive one hour of music education each week. There is a specialist suite of rooms, comprising of one music classroom, with Apple Mac music technology, and three soundproofed practice rooms. The King's also work in collaboration with Entrust Music Service Staffordshire offering specialist instrumental or voice tuition each week, this is also a free entitlement for all students who continue to study music at GCSE level in Key Stage 4.

GCSE music is offered at Key Stage 4 where students are provided with the opportunity to follow their interest in music by broadening their musical experience and developing their imagination and creativity through both composition and performance.

Pupils will develop their musical knowledge and their awareness of a variety of different instruments, styles and approaches to performing and composing.

They will also develop an awareness of music technology and how this can be utilised in the creation and presentation of music.

Students willdevelop specific knowledge and understanding of music through four interrelated areas of study:

Area of study 1: Musical Forms and Devices

Area of study 2: Music for Ensemble

Area of study 3: Film Music

Area of study 4: Popular Music

Extra Curricular

All music clubs take place after school and run on the following days:

Tuesday– Choir
Wednesday - Jam session (for all instrumentalists and rock bands).
Thursday - Samba drumming

The music department also works in conjunction with other performing arts subjects to perform a range of shows and concerts throughout the school year.

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