Our Mission Statement: ‘To explore the human and natural world we live in, to better understand our place in it now and in the future.’

Geography at The King’s is challenging, motivating and topical. Through an enquiry approach to learning, students will study physical, human and environmental geography in a variety of local and global places. Students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the local area through exploring the natual processes, sustainability and the environment.




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Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 and 9

As a department, we strive to use a variety of teaching methods to bring geography alive. Specialist units of work focus on ‘fieldwork and enquiry’ to provide students with a first-hand experience of the real world and to equip them for the demands of their GCSE studies. Students will have the opportunity to undertake fieldwork in the Peak District National Park in year 7 and a city environment in year 8.

The geography department encourages students to think critically and creatively to tackle a range of geographical investigations. Through the study of the wider world, students will recognise ‘global processes and issues’ and begin to think independently about solutions.

Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11

Those students who started their geography GCSE in 2016 will follow the Edexcel A specification and will study a range of topics which are key to understanding the world around them. These topics examine a range of physical and human components including:



1. The Physical Environment


37.5 % of overall GCSE


1 hour 30 minute exam


94 marks


Topic 1: The changing landscapes of the UK, including coastal landscapes and river landscapes

Topic 2: Weather hazards and climate change

Topic 3: Ecosystems, biodiversity and management

2. The Human Environment


37.5 % of overall GCSE


1 hour 30 minute exam


94 marks


Topic 4: Changing cities

Topic 5: Global development

Topic 6: Resource management including water resource management

3. Geographical Investigations


25% of overall GCSE


1 hour 30 minute exam


64 marks


7. Fieldwork in one river environment and one urban environment

8. UK Challenges synoptic exercise

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