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Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 and 9

To coincide with the significant changes made at Key Stage 4, schemes of work in Key Stage 3 have been completely rewritten to follow changes to the GCSE course structure.

Each scheme of work is related to the genres, drama strategies and evaluative responses which lead into the GCSE course.

In terms of assessment, students are continually practising the 3 skills of creating, performing and responding and at KS3, each topic’s assessment concentrates on one of these skills.  The assessments are written in a similar format to those at GCSE level.

Students have 1 lesson of Drama a week in years 7 and 9 and 2 lessons in year 8.


The drama department encourages students to get involved with extra-curricular events and enrichment activities. We run trips to the theatre each year and organise school productions such as Bugsy Malone (Summer 2017).  There is a drama club which runs every Thursday after school.