Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

 Mrs E Verow
- Executive Headteacher
 Mr W Wilson
- Head of School
 Mrs L Boon
- Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum and Christian Distinctiveness
Miss S Milne
- Assistant Headteacher: Inclusion
Miss A Williams
- Assistant Headteacher: Teaching & Learning
Mr M Worthington
- Head of Behaviour & Sixth Form
Mrs M Prince
- Business Manager
Mr R Timmis
- Deputy Business Manager

Heads of Faculty

English Faculty, comprising English, media, drama, art, modern foreign languages and religious education.
Head of  Faculty - Miss S Warner
Deputy Head of Faculty - Miss L Pattinson

Mathematics Faculty, comprising mathematics, business studies, geography and ICT.
Head of Faculty - Mrs S Turner
Deputy Head of Faculty - Mr Z Aslam

Science Faculty, comprising science, health and social care, history, music, design and technology and physical education.
Head of Faculty - Miss L Sykes
Deputy Head of Faculty - Miss H Kaminskas

Inclusion Team

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Z Williams

Inclusion Support Manager - Mrs K Hinchcliffe

Deputy SENDCo - Mrs A Nevard
Assistant SENDCo - Miss N Thompson
Accelerated Learning Teacher - Mrs R Cresswell

Pastoral Support Assistants -
Ms C Beek
Miss M Braznell

Clerical Assistant: Attendance - Mrs L Shaw
Clerical Assistant: SENDCo - Mrs C Cook

Inclusion Support Assistants -
Miss S Beech
Miss C Mulenga
Mrs S Stubbs
Miss J Sollom

Art & Photography

Miss L Pattinson

Miss E Stevens

Business Studies

Miss S Milne

Childcare and Health & Social Care

Mrs E Finnemore

Computer Science and ICT

Mr Z Aslam


Mrs J O'Hara-Douglas

Miss E Carr


Mr T Harrison

Miss O Stanyer

Mrs E Verow

Miss A Williams

Miss E Carr

Mrs S Hammond


Mrs N Kelly

Miss A Sharrock


Miss J Bailey

Mrs A Brown

Media Studies

Miss E Carr


Mrs L Boon

Mr M Haworth

Mrs S Turner

Mr W Wilson

Mr A Seymour-Hollis

Mrs Z Moody

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss L Stevenson

Miss S Warner

Mrs A Nevard


Mr T Smith

Physical Education

Miss H Kaminskas

Mr M Worthington

Religious Education

Mrs C Keay

Mr B Barber

Mrs K Berrisford


Miss L Sykes

Mrs A Wright

Mrs S Bukhari

Miss E Butler

Miss L Leo


Miss L Harrison

Mr D Hinchcliffe

Miss S Collins

Support Services

Headteacher’s PA & Office Manager - Miss M Till
Data Manager - Mr M Toach
Clerical Assistant: Finance - Miss K Phillips
Receptionist - Mrs D Patrick
Reprographics Assistant - Mrs A Greene
Learning Resource Centre Administrator - Mrs L Little

Cover Supervisors -
Mr D Barcroft
Mr D Coxon

ICT Technician - Mr O Smith
Science & Technology Technician - Mr J Sherratt
Bistro Dining Assistant - Mr M Sargeant

Caretaker - Mrs K Mathews
Janitor - Mr W Blandford
Site Security Officer - Mr A Eardley
Driver - Mr R Green

Catering Supervisor - Mrs H Moores

Assistant Catering Coordinators -
Mrs C Clarke
Mrs J Proctor

Kitchen Assistants -
Mrs L Boyle
Mrs M Mann

Cleaners -
Mrs L Barlow
Mrs C Bridges
Mrs C Dennis
Mrs D Meadowcroft
Mrs B Walker